Fernandina Beach employees receive praise from city resident after Thursday’s storm

City of Fernandina Beach
April 11, 2022

A note from a Citizen after Thursday’s storm:

Lakhan Montgomery, Trey Rimes, Jason Priess work after hours to resolve flooding issue on South 5th Street after the Thursday’s storm.
We want to thank your crew for fixing the broken waterline on S. 5th St. last evening. After the storm we had so much water in the neighborhood that it took us till the evening to realize that the line was burbling up in the right of way. If I had thought of it earlier in the day we could have made the call during regular hours. As it happened we called at 7:00pm and the repair was completed by 10:00pm.
We really appreciate the emergency service. The guys were polite and thorough. One of the guys came back in the morning to tidy up the site. Again most appreciated. Please pass our regards on to the team and their manager.
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Patricia Taylor
Patricia Taylor(@navymom09)
1 year ago

We, too, in Old Town, sent letters of thanks with photos after that same torrential t’storm to Andre DeSilet, this same crew’s Utilities Department boss , for a two week drainage system project that was completed in just the nick of time here. That storm dumped 3-4” of rain in six hours to test their efforts and we emerged virtually unscathed, where previously we’ve experienced lakefront properties with any substantial downpour. Kudos to them all for responsiveness and skilled work.