Fernandina Beach elects Mike Lednovich as Mayor, Len Kreger as Vice Mayor

Submitted by Suanne Z. Thamm
Reporter – News Analyst
December 17, 2020

Changing of the guard in Fernandina Beach as incoming Mayor Mike Lednovich accepts the gavel from outgoing Mayor John Miller
Mayor Lednovich is accompanied by his wife as Caroline Best administers the Oath of Office

It’s official.  The Fernandina Beach City Commissioners (FBCC) voted unanimously to reaffirm results of the citizen straw poll from November and elected Commissioner Mike Lednovich to serve as Mayor for the next two years and Commissioner Len Kreger to continue in the role of Vice Mayor for the same period.  The election took place at the City’s Organizational Meeting on December 15, 2020.

Commissioner Len Kreger is sworn in as Vice Mayor.

City Clerk Caroline Best administered the Oath of Office to the incoming Mayor and Vice Mayor.  Lednovich took the gavel from departing Mayor Commissioner John Miller following his swearing in.

Lednovich delivered remarks on assuming his new role:

“Thank you, distinguished citizens and fellow Commissioners, for conferring upon me the title of Mayor.  Today we celebrate the new City Commission:  new opportunities and a new day in Fernandina Beach.  But we do that by recognizing those who have come before us.  I am honored to acknowledge the work of leaders like Mayor Johnny Miller and Commissioner Phil Chapman.  They served for their love of community and gave countless hours and years to our great city.

Mayor Mike Lednovich addresses the City.

“Over the next several years we have some big things to do.  Some expectations on us are continuations of work already started.  Some may be with challenges that we don’t already know.  Together with our outstanding Charter Officers and extraordinary City Staff we renew our promise to our voters, to our citizens, to our neighbors to do what they expect of us:  to run an efficient government focused on not good, but excellent services that improve our quality of life.

“We pledge not to forget where we came from and who needs help.  Our work is to insure that we leave our City and its unique neighborhoods safer, healthier and stronger than we find them today.  I welcome the challenge.  I welcome your prayers.  I welcome the hard work ahead.

“Thank you.  God bless you.  And God bless Fernandina Beach.”

As part of the Organizational Meeting, the Mayor also makes various assignments to Commissioners to serve as City representatives on various non-city boards and committees.  Following discussion and agreement among Commissioners, the following assignments were made:

Tourist Development Council:  Vice Mayor Len Kreger, Commissioner Chip Ross

Northeast Florida Regional Council:  Mayor Mike Lednovich

Nassau Humane Society:  Commissioner Bradley Bean

Nassau County Economic Development Board:  Commissioner Chip Ross


The FBCC voted to end its previous practice of assigning Commissioners to serve as FBCC liaisons to City advisory boards and committees, agreeing that Commissioners should decide for themselves which meetings of which boards they desire to attend.

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