Fernandina Beach Cycles offers support for City Police Bike Patrol

City of Fernandina Beach
October 18, 2021

Captain Bishop of the Fernandina Beach Police Department thanks Joel  of Fernandina Beach Cycles, a long time community supporter,  for “a good deal!”



A couple of months ago we initiated a part time bicycle patrol program that encourages officers to interact with our community. We were using some pretty old bikes, a few that were even pre 21st century.

A BIG THANKS to Joel at Fernandina Beach Cycles for getting us four new Fuji bicycles. As a local business and long-time supporter of local law enforcement, Joel made us a good deal that saved some tax dollars, and he has agreed to maintain the bikes at a very reasonable cost.

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Sherry Harrell
Sherry Harrell(@sherry-harrell)
2 years ago

How very kind of him to want to help the Police by providing much newer and better bikes at a discount. Thanks Joel.

Susan Taylor
Susan Taylor(@sutayl)
2 years ago

I was in the shop yesterday, visiting and socializing with Joel and his son, Noah, who had just done great jobs on my mountain bike and road bike. I saw those cool Fuji bikes in the shop, and they didn’t say a thing about it, even though we had discussed our local law enforcement and how much they care. Joel, Noah and Ron NEVER brag about anything, they just keep on doing good work, including repairing used bikes for homeless and other poor people. They are true Christians. We are so lucky to have them to take care of our bikes AND our community. Thanks, y’all!

Rich Ireland
Rich Ireland (@guest_63067)
2 years ago

I am a new part-time resident to the area and an avid cyclist. The person that sold us our townhome already gave me the thumbs-up on Fernandina Beach Cycles as my new part-time LBS. I am an owner of bike shop in WV and love seeing local bike shops thriving and supporting communities!