Fernandina Beach Charter Officers receive high marks for job performance

Submitted by Suanne Z. Thamm
Reporter – News Analyst
September 22, 2021


In accordance with City of Fernandina Beach Charter Section 10(a); City Commissioners have completed annual performance evaluations for Charter Officers (City Attorney, City Clerk, City Manager). 

Charter Officer evaluations may be written or conducted in on-one-on-one meetings, whichever the individual Commissioner prefers. Annual evaluations provide Commissioners an opportunity to open dialog with Charter employees, to discuss possible areas for performance improvement, executive objectives, and organizational expectations.

At the September 21, 2021 Regular Meeting of the Fernandina Beach City Commission (FBCC), Mayor Mike Lednovich reported that each Commissioner had completed his individual evaluations.  Two Commissioners — Mayor Mike Lednovich and Vice Mayor Len Kreger — had provided Charter Officers with written evaluations, while other Commissioners opted to deliver oral evaluations.

The individual evaluations were briefly reviewed during the public meeting, with all Commissioners giving their three direct reports high marks.

Vice Mayor Len Kreger said, “All the Charter Officers met or exceeded the specific requirements of their jobs.  I’ve addressed some issues of communication with the City Manager in the past, and he is working on them.  This is the best evaluation I have given him.  I’m satisfied.”

Commissioner David Sturges said that he believes all three Charter Officers “are doing a great job. They are superior employees.” He added that he concluded that the Clerk’s Office could benefit from additional staffing due to the large number of tasks they are required to perform.  “We are way surpassing our expectations for performance,” he said.

Mayor Mike Lednovich explained that he conducted his evaluations using rating instruments created  by the Florida League of Cities.  “What I’d like to say is that these are three very dedicated and professional Charter Officers.  They care deeply and serve this City above and beyond.  The public really has no idea of their daily duties, the job that they perform and execute, and the amount of time that they put in.  I’d like to thank them and their staffs.”

Lednovich reminded the audience that the written evaluations are public records.

The FBCC unanimously approved Resolution 2021-158 certifying that the evaluations as mandated by the City Charter had been conducted and that Charter Officer compensation is included in the Fiscal Year 2021/2022 budget for all exempt employees, including Charter Officers.

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