Bach Announces Changes to Marina RFP Evaluation Process

Submitted by Suanne Z. Thamm
Reporter – News Analyst
July 29, 2020

At the end of the Fernandina Beach City Commission (FBCC) Special Meeting on July 28, 2020 called to set the tentative millage rate for the next fiscal year, City Attorney Tammi Bach announced changes to the Marina RFP Evaluation Committee (MREC), their process and timetable.

Responding to concerns raised by members of the Marina Advisory Board (MAB) at their meeting on Monday, Bach said that MREC members — Nathan Coyle, Pauline Testagrose, and herself — had agreed to slow the process and make the following changes:

  • Add another person to MREC with experience in marina operations.  Coleman Langshaw, a MAB member, will join the evaluation process.  Langshaw previously operated the City Marina.  He is not a current slip holder in the City Marina.
  • On August 6, the MREC will meet as scheduled at the City Golf Course.  Instead of discussing their evaluations of the RFP respondents, the MREC will allow each respondent 15 minutes to make a presentation in person or via Zoom.
  • On August 13, from 10-noon the MREC will meet at the Golf Course to discuss their evaluations and rank the applications.  This information will be shared with the MAB and the public.
  • Cancel the Special Meeting with the MAB previously scheduled for August 10. Instead MREC will make their presentation at the MAB Regular Meeting on August 24 at 6 p.m.
  • Include final MREC recomendation in Agenda packet for action at the September 1, 2020 Regular FBCC Meeting.

Commissioner Mike Lednovich clarified that the MREC is a City Manager Committee, not a FBCC Committee.  He asked if the City Manager was agreeable with these changes.  City Manager Dale Martin said that out of concerns arising from the RFP he has completely divorced himself from the evaluation team.  He expressed “full faith and confidence” in the MERC members and reinforced that he would play no part in the evaluation going forward.

Also at that meeting Commissioner Mike Lednovich moved to reconsider Resolution 2020-02 at the September 1, 2020 FBCC Regular Meeting.  That Resolution, which was passed on a 4-1 vote, called for allowing the City to enter into negotiations with Oasis Marinas to manage the City Marina.  The motion passed unanimously.

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