Avfuel Brands New Amelia Island FBO

AvFuel Corporation
March 22, 2018 12:00 p.m


Avfuel welcomes Bent Wing Flight Services, Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport’s new FBO, to its branded Network of Independents.

Bent Wing Flight Services will take over as KFHB’s only FBO beginning April 1, and move into a new terminal in June. The FBO will provide its full array of services out of a temporary terminal until that time.

“We look forward to serving the airport’s customer base with excellent, professional care,” said Brian Echard, Bent Wing Flight Services’ owner. “The airport has an exceptional history, which we are proud to share with the aviation community.”

Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport was built during World War II by the U.S. Navy for training the F4U Corsair  airplane—one of the Navy and Marine Corps’ finest fighter planes. The Corsair was known for its inverted gull wings, making it highly-recognizable in the sky and earning it the moniker “the Bent Wing Bird”—the namesake of the FBO.

In further reverence to its military background, the new general aviation terminal was designed to represent the Corsair aircraft, complete with inverted gull wings, a nose section, skylight cockpit and tail. The interior will feature a two-story glass lobby with a model F4U Corsair suspended from the ceiling, and military and historical memorabilia displayed throughout the building.

“The unique design of the new terminal building will quickly distinguish Amelia Island’s airport as an iconic aviation landmark,” said Echard. “As the FBO providing services from the new terminal, it made sense to name our business to reflect the community’s pride in the distinguished history of the airport and pay tribute to the members of our military who served in WWII.”

The plans for the new terminal have ensured that its historical design meets modern-day function, providing all the necessary amenities—a pilot lounge and shower, flight planning room, conference room, canteen coffee bistro and pilot store—to complement Bent Wing Flight Services’ array of offerings, including full fuel services, concierge services, courtesy and rental cars, catering services, hangar space and after-hours service.

Joel Hirst, vice president of sales for Avfuel Corporation, said, “The Amelia Island aviation community has been in need of a service-oriented FBO provider for some time. Avfuel is proud to support Bent Wing Flight Services’ mission to fill this void, better serving its customers and attracting more visitors to the community. The FBO team’s passion for sharing the spirit of aviation is matched only by its passion for dedicated service, a value our two companies share.”


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Keoki Gray
Keoki Gray (@guest_50670)
5 years ago

I think it would be interesting to hear the McGill perspective. It seems as though all the amenities that the new FBO is touting has been offered for two decades already. And in my experience, McGill Aviation has been a homey place that welcomes transient pilots and the local community. I, for one, will be very sorry to see McGill Aviation close.