An Update on the City Manager Search Process

Here is the schedule going forward for selecting the new Fernandina Beach city manager:

Now to Aug. 7 – Search firm Colin Baenziger & Associates is doing background checks on the 55 applicants and screening them against the city’s stated needs for a new manager.

On Aug. 7, the firm will present 10-15 candidates to the citizens city manager search committee. These candidates will have been thoroughly checked for the quality of their backgrounds and how well they meet up with the city’s needs.

Aug. 7 to Aug. 21 – The citizens committee, at its regularly scheduled meeting, will have agreed on the top five candidates plus one backup candidate and will release their recommendations to the city commission and the public.

Sept. 11 – The city will host a tour and reception for the finalists.

Sept. 12 – Commissioners will conduct one-on-one and full-group interviews with the candidates.

Sept. 19 – The commission will announce – if it hasn’t already – its choice for city manager.

After that: Colin Baenziger & Associates will assist the commission in negotiations with the chosen candidate until salary, starting time and other key issues have been settled.

Schedule courtesy of Colin Baenziger & Associates

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Dave L
Trusted Member
Dave L(@dave-l)
10 months ago

Question: Have the commissioners formally agreed to only consider the finalists identified by the Citizens Committee or are they free to “suggest” or “require” additions to the list?