Amelia Tavern takes responsible precautions due to COVID-19

The Amelia Tavern
A Facebook Post

June 23, 2020

” . . . they have not been in the building for 8 days, we are taking extreme precaution . . .”

This afternoon [June 22], we have been notified of an employee testing positive for COVID-19. After learning of the positive cases during their visit in Jax Beach, this individual took the precaution of staying home from work.

While they have not been in the building for 8 days, we are taking extreme precaution and closing to conduct a deep clean and allow other team members to be tested. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will reopen Wednesday at 11:30am.

Standards & Guidelines That Will Continue To Be In Place:

-Employee Screening Questions & Temperature Check Upon Arrival

-Masks Required Upon Entry & Throughout Working

-No Items Left On Tables Between Seating (i.e. Condiment Caddies, Silverware, etc.)

-Sanitizing All Tables, Chairs, Menus, Checkbooks, Pens Between Each Guest & Staff Handling

-Hourly Touchpoint Sanitation (Front Doors, Bar Tap Handles, Coolers, Restrooms, Phones, Ipad Point of Sale Systems & All Commonly Touched Surfaces)

-Required All Social Distancing & Occupancy Guidelines For Restaurant & Bar Area

We want to assure you that we will continue taking these precautions and many more. Thank you for your understanding throughout this time & we appreciate your continued support.

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bob carter
bob carter (@guest_58026)
3 years ago

Everyone gets this virus eventually.

It is a forgone conclusion. IT’S A VIRUS.

Let the businesses open.

Protect yourself. Stay home.

The economy was shut down ONLY to allow hospitals a chance to prepare for new patients. All that is going pretty well.

Fear is hurting more people than the virus.