Amelia Island revealed . . .

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Submitted by Chris Whelan
September 15, 2018 11:00 p.m.

Nighttime photos of the new Fernandina Beach Airport Terminal Photos courtesy of Chris Whelan

Editor’s Note: Chris Whelan joined the United States Navy straight out of college in 1975 and served for 22 years as a Navy Aerographer’s Mate – the Navy’s meteorologists and oceanographers. Chris earned the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Broadcast Seal of Approval in 1994 and was an on-air meteorologist for the local television station WTLV starting in 1986 until he retired in 2004. Chris came to our island in 1991 and spends his time photographing the sights of our wonderful island, collecting and restoring vintage cameras, and being involved with local environmental issues, and enjoying his family. We thank Chris for his contributions to the Fernandina Observer.</em

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8 Responses to Amelia Island revealed . . .

  1. Harold Shannon says:

    Please do not pass these pics around! This is the ugliest ” building” ever foisted on the taxpayers and not something for the world to associate with our beautiful city.

    • Sean Ince says:

      I think the building is fantastic and a much needed update at the airport. The airport is a center of commerce for our area. It provides the ability for natives and tourists alike to come and go freely. Also provides a means for young aviation enthusiasts to learn to fly and make careers out of flying. This airport wa designated a general aviation airport is 1946. LONG BEFORE most of the AI/FB “natives”. I hope it’s hear LONG after we’re all gone too. No one should complain about an airport that’s BUDGET NEUTRAL and helps support and drive tourism in our area. The building is meant for aviators and aviation enthusiasts. To people like me, the building is beautiful. It will also be available to you, your friends and family to view the airport, learn about aviation and maybe even go flying. I’d be happy to take you up if you’d like to go. Maybe if you experience what we experience in flying, you might have a different appreciation for the airport and new FBO building.

    • Teri Springer says:

      I think it’s ridiculous looking but let’s leave “taxpayers” out of it since no tax dollars went to the construction of this bad joke.

  2. Judith Lane says:

    Great photos, Chris. I’m glad to see that most of the lighting corresponds to Dark Skies Foundation guidelines. The tail does not. Light pollution is a major problem along the eastern coast. It used to be fun to go to the airport to stargaze, then watch as planes triggered the runway lights as they landed or took off. How late will the lights stay on? Maybe something that Bent Wing can consider.

    • Many thanks, Judith! It’s a gorgeous building during the day and even more dramatic at night. I’m sure the lighting will receive a few tweaks over time. They had the terminal lighting at full tilt for my photographs so from what I understand it will be a tad less in real time.

  3. Marc Williams says:

    Chris, thanks for the evening photographs of the new Fernandina Beach airport terminal building. This is a nice perspective not seen before and I appreciate your work here. This new building is very cool and will no doubt be popular with the aviation community over time, local critics notwithstanding. It might be interesting to see an aerial view just at late dusk.

    • Thank you, Marc! It’s been a real pleasure to document the progress of this wonderful endeavor and to be able to share my images with the Fernandina Observer. I’m sure our historic courthouse and post office had their critics back in the day too.

  4. Judith Lane says:

    An aerial would be great, especially with the runway lights. You’re right, Chris, there is no plan, no decision, no thought that doesn’t trigger wrath from those who choose to feel offended. It’s the local Fernandina sport.

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