This Piano Man Plays in Church — and Far Beyond


By Dylan Bailey

David Crout, who is the pianist at Blackrock Baptist Church, has a story steeped in faith, resilience, and the sheer will to brighten the lives of others. He is a man who loves music and being able to encourage and uplift those around him. This has allowed him to go to nursing homes and play music for the residents.

I sat down with him to ask about how he got his start and how his ministry came to be.

David’s journey into the world of music began at an early age. His brother taught him the C major scale on the piano. This early introduction to music sparked a passion in young David and led him to play in churches before the age of 12.

David attended Bible college in East Providence, Rhode Island. His college years were marked by a deepening connection with his faith and a growing interest in serving the community. During this time, he was introduced to his better half, Kim. It wasn’t long before they became inseparable. Their shared faith and passion for serving others formed the cornerstone of their relationship.

While studying to become a pastor in college, David never lost sight of his love for music. He saw it as a powerful medium to express his faith and connect with others. His talent soon caught the attention of the college president, who encouraged him to play in every service.

After college, David served as a pastor for a church in Winter Haven for more than two years. His service extended beyond the walls of the church; he was actively involved in various outreach ministries, including prison and street ministries.

David played in various settings – parks, parking lots, churches, and nursing homes. His performances were more than just a display of his musical talent; they were a testament to his commitment to outreach and his desire to uplift others.

That same commitment to outreach found a new avenue in nursing homes. He was drawn to the genuine appreciation and emotional connection he could foster with the residents through playing hymns on the piano. His playing served as a healing touch, a source of comfort in their lives. The joy and solace he brought to them was evident by the tears in the residents’ eyes and their heartfelt thanks.

David Crout continues to inspire others through his music and faith. His original compositions and hymns, released under the name Timotheus Wrec, are a reflection of his journey. They serve as a testament to his passion for music. With that passion, he can remind those in nursing homes that they aren’t forgotten.

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Richard Timm
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Richard Timm(@rtimm-ontheislandgmail-com)
11 months ago

Thank you Dylan.

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11 months ago
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Appreciate you!