Story & Song presents “Composers for Peace” on April 2


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine floods our screens every day with images of death and destruction. As we watch thousands flee their homes, enduring harsh conditions, grieving their losses, we not only wonder what it will take to put an end to this war, but also what we can do to overcome feeling helpless.

Sixteen-year-old Spencer McKee turned to music, as well as the efoorts of World Central Kitchen, a not-for-profit non-governmental organization founded by celebrity chef José Andrés that has provided millions of meals for Ukrainian refugees all across Eastern and Central Europe. An award-winning pianist, Spencer discovered a composition by Ukrainian composer Nikolai Kapustin, and has mastered its performance. He thought about other composers affected by war or displacement, like Frederic Chopin, who fled Poland less than a month before the outbreak of the November 1830 Uprising.

This Saturday, April 2 at 4 pm, Story & Song Center for Arts & Culture welcomes Spencer McKee, performing “Composers for Peace,” featuring the works of Kapustin, Chopin, Samuel Barber, and Ana Leira Carnero. There is no cost to attend, yet you are invited to bring a donation to World Central Kitchen.

Spencer shows that there are things we can do during times of suffering! Join us to gather as community to listen to Spencer’s selections and stand together for peace.

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