Review – Peach Cobbler Factory

By Dylan Bailey

It’s always exciting when a new restaurant opens on Amelia Island. And just recently The Peach Cobbler Factory made its debut. Located at 822 Sadler Road, it’s taken the spot where the Great Bread Harvest Company used to be.

Inside, the vivid orange-and-white aesthetic makes a powerful statement. The menu is placed on a large display, hanging above the counter, where I was greeted by a friendly employee who gave me the restaurant’s most popular options and her favorites.

The menu isn’t crowded, making it easy to see everything offered at a glance. Besides a wide array of cobblers, they also serve banana pudding, cookies, cinnamon rolls, milkshakes, and cold brew coffee.

Apple walnut raisin, sweet potato pecan, honey apple, and peach cobbler are just a few of the 12 available options when ordering one of their cobblers. And each one comes with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I was drawn to their banana puddings since it wasn’t something I was expecting to see here. Like the cobblers, there are 12 varieties to choose from. Some of the more intriguing ones are Oreo, Butterfinger, peanut butter and jelly, and New York cheesecake.

I also found out that their milkshakes are a mix of ice cream and the banana pudding they serve. At this point, I wish I had an extra stomach because I wanted to try all of their offerings.

After a good deal of back-and-forth with the enthusiastic lady at the counter, I settled on ordering their peach cobbler ($8), peanut butter and jelly banana pudding ($8), peach cobbler stuffed apple butter cinnamon roll ($9.75), and a cold brew coffee ($3).

The restaurant has a dine-in option, which is spacious enough for bigger parties, but I took my order to go. And let me say that the service was extremely fast. Even with an order before me, I managed to leave the store a few minutes after mine was placed.

Let’s talk about their peach cobbler first. You’re given two cups: one for the cobbler and the other for the vanilla ice cream. The cobbler was warm, flaky, and smelled like heaven. Putting the ice cream on top felt like I was doing something scandalous. Absolutely out of this world.

Jumping into the cold brew, it wasn’t bad. Especially at its price point, it reminded me of the bottled Starbucks Mocha Frappuccinos you can buy at retail stores. The chocolate flavor heavily outweighs the coffee though.

There was a typo on their list of ingredients on the bottle of the cold brew I’d bought, which I found more amusing than anything else. I have no issues as long as the “coffe” was real.

Diving into the peanut butter and jelly banana pudding next, I was excited to see how this combination would fare. If you at all enjoy peanut butter, I would highly recommend this. The vanilla wafers, with the silky banana pudding, mixed with the peanut butter and jelly were absolutely decadent. I can’t even begin to describe this with the justice it deserves.

At this point, I was beyond stuffed, which is fitting, as the last item I had was the stuffed cinnamon roll. A beautiful pastry, with flavorful apple butter on top, sweet icing, and stuffed with peach cobbler–your sweet tooth will be beyond satisfied.

As much as I loved the stuffed cinnamon roll, I think the banana pudding or the cobbler on its own is more than enough for most people.

I can say, without a doubt, I’ll be revisiting The Peach Cobbler Factory. For the price and the quality you get, I was pleasantly surprised.

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Mark Tomes
Mark Tomes(@mtomes)
7 months ago

I tried their sweet potato pecan cobbler last week. Kind of pricey, but very good.

Ann (@guest_67391)
7 months ago

I’ve already visited twice and would highly highly recommend! Everything I tried was so delicious!

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift (@guest_67409)
7 months ago

Dylan, I implore you, take a trip back to 4th st. and try the Macaroni salad.