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September 11, 2019

Sally Cummings (Shisler) – “The Creative Spirit of Palette Knives Technique & Philosophy

Two dates: October 10-12th and November 14-16th, 2019
Three days: $395

“Picking up a large palette knife was the most critical decision I’ve made during my career as an artist. The second most critical decision I’ve made was to start teaching what I’ve learned about my painting approach as well as sharing my experience of how it relates to living life in a more fulfilling manner. Many of us face blocks in our creative process which often accompany blocks we are experiencing in “real life”. I invite my students to reframe their perception of right vs. wrong, challenging them to practice a courageous mindset that welcomes possibilities of triumph over frustration. My goal is to send students off with a toolset that breathes new life into the process of art creation, as well as into the process of fulfilled living.” – Sally Cummings (Shisler)

Here is a short list of what students can expect from my teaching:
• instructive daily demos with concurrent discussion and Q/A
• opportunity to explore landscape, figure and floral subject matter
• identifying and using reference points for quick sketch lay-in
• painting on large surfaces using lots of paint
• applying paint with a variety of knife shapes and sizes
• gentle feedback and guidance that meets you at your own level
• personalized easel-side instruction that assists in finishing your own painting

Please note: Students will be working from a provided landscape photo reference on day one. Thereafter, students may work from their own photos, or select from my references.


“You are an instructor who listens, shares and motivates her students. You don’t hold anything back and the small classes are so valuable!” Sandra Hughes – Fernandina Beach FL. August 2019 IAA workshop.

“Sally Cummings Is an outstanding teacher. I had never used a palette knife before. I’ve painted everyday since this class. Inspired!!” Barbara Hopkins – Fernandina Beach, FL. August 2019 IAA workshop.

“This was my 3rd workshop with Sally and I’m planning on taking many more. I have made so much progress each time and am loving the freedom I feel as I make strides with the large palette knives. Sally not only has an enormous talent in her own work, but she has the patience and ability to convey the information in a way that helps move each student to the next level. I’d say if you ever get a chance you must take one or ‘many more’ of her workshops.” Charli V – Fernandina Fl, April 2019 workshop at IAA in Fernandina Beach.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I learned so much and it was fun! Sally is so inspirational. I left the workshop with techniques and concepts to explore, with more confidence, on my own. She taught me to loosen up and paint more freely without being afraid. Sally explains her process very well and she was so generous with her knowledge. It was a well organized workshop with the right balance of demo and painting time with plenty of hands-on help. I never felt stressed, she made us feel so comfortable. Sally is an amazing teacher and I’m looking forward to more workshops with her in the future.” Gail L – April 2019 workshop at IAA in Fernandina Beach.

“I like to think of Sally’s class as the No Fear Class. I have taken workshops in the past where students have actually cried from stress. Students of all levels will find her encouraging, patient, and creative. I am extremely happy with the amount of knowledge that she so willingly shared and demonstrated, and I am looking forward to her next workshop. She is a terrific instructor!” Angela M – Fairhope, AL. August 2019 workshop at IAA in Fernandina Beach.

“Your one-on-one is particularly special. You have that unique ability to change gears and adapt to the particular student and their style. This special teaching talent is a main reason that I would attend more of your workshops.” Lael D – Orlando, Fl

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Margo J Story
Margo J Story (@guest_55792)
4 years ago

I have seen Sally’s pieces of art @ Art on Centre ….very creative & different.

Susan Siegmund
Susan Siegmund(@susansiegmundmsn-com)
4 years ago

It looks like Courtney (at Art on Centre) posed for that portrait. Beautiful.