Jacksonville Symphony announces $1 million gift from The Michael Ward & Jennifer Glock Foundation

Jacksonville Symphony
Press Release
May 27, 2021

Jacksonville, Fl (May 25, 2021) — The Jacksonville Symphony is thrilled to announce a $1 million gift from the Michael Ward & Jennifer Glock Foundation. The gift comes after a season of tribulation and triumph as the Symphony, led by President & CEO Steven Libman and Music Director Courtney Lewis, navigated its way through COVID-19.

The 2020/21 Symphony season began with a 20% budget decrease, including an organization-wide 10% salary decrease for full-time staff and musicians. The Symphony’s performance venue, Jacoby Symphony Hall, was reduced from a capacity of nearly 1,800 seats to just over 600, leading to a projected loss in ticket revenue of $2.5 million. Despite all these challenges, the Symphony rose to the occasion and was one of the only orchestras in the country to open its doors in September 2020.

Jennifer Glock recognizes the extraordinary actions the Jacksonville Symphony has taken during the COVID-19 pandemic and has put forward $1 million with the hope to inspire others to make an impact and support the Jacksonville Symphony during this critical time.

“There are few experiences in this world that have the ability to transport us the way hearing a live symphony can transport us,” says Glock. “For me, being able to attend the Symphony, this year particularly, has lifted me up and sometimes made me laugh. It has helped me remember how enjoyable life can be, and I am very grateful to the Jacksonville Symphony for continuing to perform live through this dark and challenging time. It is for this reason that Michael and I are so committed to making sure that we can all have these experiences going forward.”

Led by Steven Libman and Courtney Lewis, the Jacksonville Symphony has set a goal to raise $5 million as part of a Stabilization Campaign by 2021/22. The $1 million gift from the Michael Ward & Jennifer Glock Foundation is one of many significant contributions to keep the Symphony thriving well after the pandemic has faded away.

“Our Jacksonville Symphony is an outstanding one, and one of which we can be truly proud. I hope others who feel the same way will show their support by funding our Symphony as much as they are able,” concludes Glock.

“It is because of the significant and dedicated support of outstanding individuals like Michael and Jennifer, that the Symphony is able to continue providing our community with the quality of live symphonic music that our community deserves,” says President & CEO Steven Libman. “I share Jennifer and Michael’s hope that their generous gift will inspire others to step forward and support the Jacksonville Symphony.”

About the Michael Ward & Jennifer Glock Foundation
Jennifer Glock earned an undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology and a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. She was a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Jacksonville, FL for over 47 years. Recently retired, she is doing things she loves, including spending time outdoors gardening and hiking in the mountain woods of her native West Virginia. Glock has three daughters and six grandchildren, whom she sees as often as possible, but “not often enough.”

Michael Ward served as the chairman and chief executive officer of CSX Corporation for 14 years. Over his 40-year career, Ward headed CSX’s operations, coal sales and marketing, and finance departments. Ward’s commitment to personal philanthropy and corporate citizenship has been recognized with City Year’s prestigious Lifetime of Idealism Award. He is a member of the Board of Directors of PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (PNC) and also serves on various not-for-profit boards including City Year, One Love, Edward Waters College, Hubbard House, and the Civic Council of Jacksonville.

Through their private foundation, Michael Ward and Jennifer Glock have donated to various charitable causes. The focus of their giving has been increasing educational opportunities and results in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and college, as well as promoting healthy relationships, preventing domestic violence, and in support of the military and the arts.

About the Jacksonville Symphony
The Jacksonville Symphony is North Florida’s leading music nonprofit offering live performances at Jacoby Symphony Hall in the Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts and other venues throughout the area. In addition, the Symphony provides music instruction for youth through the Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestras. For more information about the Symphony, visit jaxsymphony.org, like them at facebook.com/jaxsymphony, follow them on @jaxsymphony, on Instagram at JaxSymphony and on YouTube at JacksonvilleSymphony.