Arts & Culture Nassau announces grant program to encourage projects for senior citizens

Arts & Culture Nassau
Press Release
September 30, 2021

Arts and Culture Nassau (ACN) is announcing the availability of a grant program intended to foster an appreciation of and participation in arts and culture for the senior citizens of Nassau County. Arts and Culture Nassau believes that fostering arts and culture appreciation among Nassau County citizens benefits the quality of life for all Nassau County residents.  The grant program is designed to encourage new projects that serve the senior citizen population of Nassau County or to expand an existing program.

Organizations applying for this the ACN grant must be non-profit (501(c)3), located in Nassau County, and dedicated to arts and/or culture. The grant projects must either be new or an expansion of an existing project that serves Nassau County residents 55 years of age or older and relates to art and culture. Grants are limited to $500 per organization and it is anticipated that up to four grants will be offered this year.

Grant applications are available from the ACN website www.artsandculturenassau.org and will be accepted from September 1 through November 15. No applications will be accepted after the announced deadline. The grant applications will be judged, and grants awarded by a panel of county employees selected by the County and not affiliated with any of the Arts Council organizations and not a part of any county arts and culture organization. Awards will be announced by January 15.

This is the second grant program undertaken by ACN. A grant to help fund arts and culture programs for the youth of Nassau County has been in place since 2017. The applications for the youth grants are also available from the ACN website and are accepted from December 1 through January 15, with awards being announce by March 15.

Both grants are funded by revenues that are returned to the community from the sale of State of the Arts license plates. Arts and Culture Nassau encourages Nassau County residents to purchase these license plates so that these grant programs can be continued.


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