By A.G. Gancarski
April 4, 2022


‘It’s just a mess. The city needs to be revitalized.’

The 7:00 hour of Thursday’s Fox and Friends began with a host’s unsolicited attack on Jacksonville.

Longtime host Brian Kilmeade offered narration over b-roll that included the Main Street Bridge headed into Downtown.

“The city of Jacksonville’s got such great potential. They’ve got these bridges. Beautiful scenery. They’ve got to rebuild that city,” Kilmeade said, with Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” blaring as backing track.

Asked by co-host Ainsley Earhardt to clarify that take, Kilmeade continued to go in on the so-called Bold New City of the South.

“It’s just a mess. The city needs to be revitalized. It has all this potential, overlooking the water,” Kilmeade contended.

It wasn’t all negativity from the “Fox and Friends” host though. He’s bullish about the Jacksonville football team.

“Right over to the right is the Jaguars’ stadium. I think they’ve added like seven or eight free agents. This might be the year with a brand new coach, where they probably get on the winning side of things,” Kilmeade said.

One wonders if Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry, a Republican who has appeared on the Fox News Channel on occasion, will be given a segment to respond.

Curry did not offer comment when asked Thursday.


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