Submitted by Suanne Z. Thamm
Reporter – News Analyst
March 27, 2022

Property Appraiser’s photo of 312 North Front Street taken two years ago.


Development along Fernandina Beach’s Amelia Riverfront grinds exceedingly slow, especially with respect to the private property along North Front Street.  But changes are in the works.

In January, Beacon Fisheries purchased Amelia Riverfront property located at 312 Front Street from Fernandina Seafood.  The purchase price was  $3,250,000.  

Beacon Fisheries, a family owned business headquartered in Jacksonville with an import warehouse in Miami, is a growing company.  In 2015 Beacon purchased The Fisherman’s Dock, extending its reach into retail marketing in addition to wholesaling.

 A visit to their website  highlighst their operations as well as the types of seafood they provide to local restaurants and retail patrons.

Under the previous owner — Fernandina Seafood Company — the property had been used as a seafood packing plant.  It is not clear at this time how Beacon Fisheries plans to operate the Fernandina property.

There are several videos available on YouTube dealing with Beacon Fisheries’ wholesale operations and recruiting efforts.

The Nassau County Property Appraiser appraised the land value of the parcel now occupied by Beacon Fisheries at $299,410 and the improvements at $372,063.  Adding these two figures produces an assessed value of $671,473.


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