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March 23, 2022

Easter, April 17, 2022

March 2020 was an unusually tough month for many small business owners in Florida, as the Governor issued orders closing all “non-essential” businesses. Like many small business owners, Todd and Theresa Duncan began brainstorming ways to continue to bring in revenue so they wouldn’t lose the family business they had worked so hard growing. The father-daughter duo came up with many ideas, including a puzzle speak-easy, curated educational boxes, Facebook Live sales and more. Many of those ideas have outlived their necessity as things begin to return to “normal”, but one of their ideas became so wildly popular that it is now an anticipated tradition.

Villa Villekulla Toys Custom Easter Baskets are now in their 3rd year and are more popular than ever. “During the pandemic closure, we knew families needed an extra special way to celebrate Easter, so we came up with a plan to make customized Easter Baskets and to deliver them to kids all over the area,” says Theresa. “We never anticipated that a year later, when things were beginning to return to normal, that our customers would be clamoring for them again!” In 2021, with no more mandated closures, Villa Villekulla Toys sold twice as many custom baskets as the year before, shipping them all over the country, and delivering them to doorsteps throughout Northeast Florida.

Each Easter Basket is custom-curated for its recipient by one of Villa Villekulla’s on-staff Play Experts. “We spend a lot of time training our staff about the health benefits of play, and how play supports each stage of childhood development. Our Play Experts love using this knowledge to help pick out gifts,” says Todd. “We love making the Easter baskets as much as kids love receiving them!”

This year, Villa Villekulla Toys has added St. Marys to their front porch delivery area which now includes all of Nassau County and many areas in Duval County. To order your own baskets or to learn more, visit

Villa Villekulla Toys is a Neighborhood Toy Store on Amelia Island, Florida. Founded in 2015, the locally owned and operated classic toy store is 50% Woman-owned and 50% disabled-Veteran owned. 




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