By Peter Schorsch
Sixty Days Newsletter
February 16, 2022


After initially requesting the House scrap their “Putting Parents First” plan, Gov. Ron DeSantis is on board with the Chamber’s approach to holding accountable school districts that enforced mask mandates against state law. DeSantis previously criticized the plan, but Rep. Randy Fine said he came around after budget writers ensured the shifted funds would “come entirely from central offices.” In a statement, DeSantis thanked Fine and House Speaker Chris Sprowlsfor “heeding” his call “to protect students and teachers from accountability measures affecting union-controlled politicians and bureaucrats who defied Florida law by force masking kids.” The House plan would dock a collective $200 million from the pay of high-paid administrators from the 12 districts that imposed mask mandates. The plan would use those dollars to reward the remaining 55 districts. Administrators making more than $100,000 annually would be subject to the reductions. Here’s your nightly rundown.

Precedented. DeSantis’ office introduced a proposed mapfor Florida’s 28 congressional districts … again.

Certified ‘organic.’ CFO Jimmy Patronis lauded the “organic” process governing the advance of controversial bills (SB 1834/HB 1557) restricting LGBTQ discussions.

Data dump. The Senate Rules Committee OK’d a bill (SB 1258) that would require Medicaid-managed care plans to report more data to the state.

Stay at home. Florida hospitals would have the ability to use paramedics to offer inpatient services at patients’ homes under a bill (SB 1222) advanced by the Senate Rules Committee.

Not-so-simple battery. A bill (HB 379) that would differentiate sexual crimes from simple battery is ready for its final committee in the House.

Tamper-proof package. The Senate Rules Committee OK’d legislation (SB 796) that would ramp up penalties for evidence tampering in certain felony cases.

Deadline extension. The state may soon provide first responders more time to file PTSD-related workers’ compensation claims under a bill (SB 1066) advanced by the Senate Rules Committee.

Made in USA. A proposal (HB 619) to require state and local governments in Florida to exclusively use American-made iron and steel moved forward in the House.

Declining balance. Both the Senate and House budget bills lack $6 million requested by Space Florida and the Governor for a financing fund, leading officials to plead for it Tuesday.

Snuff it. A bill (SB 224) that would give counties and cities the power to regulate smoking in public parks is ready for a floor vote in the Senate.

Plugging away. A bill (HB 737) that would encourage private investment to expand the EV charging network in Florida cleared its first House panel.

Fast and furious. Bills (SB 876/HB 399) that would help lawmakers crack down on stunt driving and “street takeovers” are racing toward the finish line in the House and Senate.

No shirt, no shoes, yes service. A bill (HB 719) legalizing swim-up bars cleared its second-to-last House committee with nary a splash of opposition.

Cut it out. The House passed a memorial bill (HM 43) calling on the federal government to condemn the ongoing human rights abuses by the Communist government in Cuba.

Local matters. A bill (HB 1493) giving voters the choice to reshape the Alachua County Commission passed its second committee in the House.


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