By Susan Hardee Steger
Updated at 3:30 p.m.
January 31, 2022


With 55 miles to go, Foar From Home is expected to arrive in Antigua on February 1, around 4:00 p.m. but possibly later.  The arrival will mark the end a 51-day journey at sea.  The veterans are in 26th position and after strong progress yesterday, they have increased their lead over their nearest competitor.   A number of family members and friends have gathered in Antigua to welcome veterans.  The arrival will be shown live on the YouTube Atlantic Campaign Channel and on Facebook.  We will post the live link tomorrow so our readers can join in on the excitement at home.  You can still support their cause by clicking on the Donate button above.

Many residents on Amelia Island are cheering this group on.  Four local veterans, Billy Cimino, Cameron Hansen, Hupp Huppmann, and Paul Lore, participants in the “Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge” are raise money to combat veteran suicides.    The race began in San Sebastian in LaGomera, Canary Island, and will end at Antigua, located in the eastern Caribbean Sea.


A Foar From Home photograph was posted yesterday showing estimated times of arrival.
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Peggy Bulger
Peggy Bulger(@peggy-bulger1949gmail-com)
8 months ago

The Year of the Tiger begins with our Foar from Home arriving in Antigua!!

Margo Story
Margo Story (@guest_63735)
8 months ago

Yay, great news!!

DAVID LOTT (@guest_63736)
8 months ago

Get ready to break out the champagne. What an amazing feat! Fair winds and following seas for those last miles.

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