January 19, 2022


After 38 days at sea, the Foar From Home team is in 26th place with 740 miles to go. You can identify the team’s boat “Courageous” as the purple boat in the middle group of 6. Courtesy of YB Tracking.

Four local veterans, Paul Lore, Hupp Huppmann, William Cimino, Cameron Hansen, are rowing their way across the Atlantic Ocean in the “Talisker Whisky Challenge of 2021,” we spotted this informative video on Facebook.  We hope you enjoy it.

In this video, Paul Lore, a member of the Foar From Home team, takes on the task of removing barnacles from the hull of Courageous. This video shows a sample of the marine life.


Thank you to the Foar From Home media team for allowing the Fernandina Observer to share the video with our readers. To learn more about the team’s effort to prevent Veterans’ suicides visit their website. It is never too late to contribute to the cause and to cheer our team on!

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