from The County Insider
Office of the Nassau County Manager
January 13, 2022


The Nassau County Road Department removed these tires from Lanceford Creek this week after a resident reported seeing them there. As a reminder. each household can dispose of up to 4 tires per year, free of charge, at the County’s Convenience Recycling Center located at Landfill Road in Callahan. The County also hosts a tire recycling event every year in April which allows residents to dispose of up 15 tires, free of charge.

So, please do not dump tires. Not only are they unsightly, they are harmful to our environment. Old tires contain chemicals and heavy metals that contaminate soil, surface water and groundwater. They also attract rodents and disease carrying mosquitos and are a fire hazard. To learn more about how tires affect our environment, please click here.

-Sabrina Robertson
Public Information Officer


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