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Contact: Jay Kayne
January 7, 2022

Photo Courtesy of Jay Kayne, VYCC Coordinator

Have you ever seen a nature photograph and wondered, “Where and when was that picture taken? Is there a story behind the picture?” Maybe it was an image of a young alligator hitching a ride on a red-eared slider (pictured).

Wonder no more! Enter “Views You Can Choose (VYCC).” In lieu of its annual photo contest for 2022, Wild Amelia is pleased to announce a new approach for using photography to inform residents and visitors what, where and when they have a better chance of personally viewing the region’s natural assets.

Beginning January 1, 2022, photographers of all ages and skill level are invited to submit pictures of the natural assets on Amelia Island and Northeast Florida. Each submission must include:

  • Photographer’s name.
  • Any information about the photographer he/she wishes to share including contact information or links to their websites.
  • Date on which the photograph was taken.
  • Location where it was taken.
  • Why did the photographer choose to capture the picture? What did he/she find compelling about the subject or circumstances?
  • Fun facts about the subject matter (optional). NOTE: Wild Amelia reserves the right to add a “fun fact” if not otherwise provided.

Each submission is then formatted and posted. Posted images will be searchable by subject, location and/or month.

There is no submission fee and photographers may offer an unlimited number of images throughout the year.

To learn more about VYCC, go to viewsyoucanchoose.com.

Wild Amelia’s mission is to educate residents and visitors about the local bioregion and encourage stewardship of the area’s natural resources through events and programs that educate and entertain while promoting a conservation ethic. For updates on the status of program activities, please visit wildamelia.org and Wild Amelia on Facebook.

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Margaret Kirkland
Margaret Kirkland
7 months ago

Great idea!!

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