Fernandina Beach Police Department
January 6, 2022

Stephanie Delaney


Last year we highlighted employment anniversaries of our FBPD members. This year we plan to do a weekly employee spotlight. A photo and a few lighthearted questions so that you can get to know the people at the FBPD a little bit better.

Our first employee spotlight is on Stephanie Delaney who is assigned to our Records Section.

How long with FBPD? March 23, 2021 (9 ½ months)

Current assignment? Staff Assistant Records Section – I process traffic and parking citations, fill public records requests, and process crash reports. I also greet the public at the front counter.

Favorite movie? The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks (I cry every time I watch it)

Dream car? 1969 Chevy Camaro Convertible (Red with white stripes

Android or iPhone? iPhone

You can meet anyone dead or alive – who? Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” – In the Disney movies he is a funny guy, I’d love to spend the day just laughing with him.

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