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December 26, 2021

Mayor Mike Lednovich wished everyone Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

During the December 21, 2021 Regular Meeting of the Fernandina Beach City Commission (FBCC) the items below were addressed.  This is not an inclusive list.  The entire agenda is available on the City website, along with a video recording of the meeting.  Thanks to City staff for providing much of the information in the synopsis for each item.

Each action item passed via a unanimous vote.

Note that ordinances require two readings prior to passage.

Resolution 2021-200 Ceremonial Documents

Ceremonial Documents are Proclamations, Certificates of Achievement, Letters of Recognition/Welcome/Congratulations/Achievement, and Keys to the City reserved for people, organizations, groups, or events that positively contribute to the economic, social and/or cultural fabric of the City of Fernandina Beach.

Due to the recent proliferation of Ceremonial Document requests, the FBCC directed staff to prepare a Ceremonial Documents Policy, Guidelines, and Application which was approved by consensus at the December 7, 2021, City Commission Workshop. The FBCC adopted the item formally with thanks to City Clerk Caroline Best for her input and work on the policy.

Resolution 2021-201 Voluntary Annexation Agreement – 1627 Clinch Drive

Property owner, Christopher Kevin Allen, completed the City of Fernandina Beach Voluntary Annexation Agreement / Petition for Annexation application pursuant to Chapter 171.044, Florida Statutes, for one parcel containing approximately 0.36 acre located at 1627 Clinch Drive, identified as Parcel No. 00-00-30-0800- 0001-0020. The property contains a single family home built in 1959. There are no plans identified to contemplate further subdivision of the property or additional development on site.

The City levies a 25% surcharge on utilities services for properties located outside the city limits. When formally annexed, the utilities surcharge is eliminated and the City will begin to collect property taxes from the subject property (at the current millage rate and property value, approximately $650 annually).

Resolution 2021-202 Authorizing roof repairs and restoration to Police Station

Staff recommends roof repairs and restoration to the Police Station, Roof 1 – building on the north side, Project #22028 utilizing the application of a liquid solution over the entire roof.

The Resolution approves hiring Waterproofing Technologies Inc. for the Police Station roof repairs. The pricing for the roof repairs by Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc. is awarded by pre-bid cooperative purchase contract through the Association of Education Purchasing Agencies (AEPA) via contract #IFB #021-D, which is extended to municipalities.

Staff recommends approving the proposal from Weatherproofing Technologies for an amount not to exceed $76,973. Funds are budgeted in the current fiscal year in the Police Department Capital Improvement Fund account, 3002100 56300, as part of Project #22028.

Resolution 2021-203 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with North Florida Trust (NFLT)

The City Commission has identified conservation and protection of the environment as a top priority. In 2020, the City entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the North Florida Land Trust to assist the City in identifying and and acquiring land for the purpose of conservation. This Amendment to the Memorandum of Understanding further clarifies the responsibilities of the City and North Florida Land Trust.

Resolution 2021-206 Cleaning services for Public Outdoor Restroom Facilities

The City of Fernandina Beach owns and maintains six public outdoor restrooms located at: Central Park, Pirate Park/Nature Pavilion, Centre Street, Egan’s Creek Park, Simmons Park, and M.L.K., Jr. Baseball Park. Due to robust park use, increased special event activities, and increased tourism, City staff is no longer able to keep pace with maintaining public outdoor restrooms in acceptable sanitary conditions.

Accordingly, staff issued Invitation to Bid (ITB) 22-02 for Parks Restroom Facilities Cleaning and received one submittal from Sea Bandit Construction in the amount of $53,000.00. Sea Bandit Construction will begin providing public outdoor restroom cleaning services on January 1, 2022. Funds are budgeted in the Parks and Recreation Department – Parks Division Contractual account, 0017210 53400, in Fiscal Year 2021/2022.

Ordinance 2021-37 (First Reading) Conservation and Preservation of Land

Ordinance 2018-13 was enacted by the City Commission at its Regular Meeting on June 19, 2018, establishing a comprehensive land conservation and preservation program including a land conservation trust fund. This Ordinance amends Chapter 42, Article VIII of the City’s Code of Ordinances by amending the processes by which the City identifies and acquires property for conservation purposes.

Ordinance 2021-38 (First Reading) Amending Master Fee Schedule

With the development of the annual City budget, all departments are required to evaluate the fees charged for each of our services. The City sets the fees based on the cost to provide the services and facility rentals.

At its August 17, 2021, meeting, the City Commission enacted the FY 2021-22 master fee schedule, and discussed allowing the Golf Course to increase or decrease fees according to market conditions. Additionally, the fee for “Context-Sensitive Review” was incorrectly entered in the Planning Department fee schedule. This proposed ordinance makes these changes.

NOTE:  The following 3 ordinances provide for the annexation, land use assignment and zoning change from County to City designation.  Presentations on Ordinances 2021-39 (voluntary annexation)and 2021-41 (zoning) were heard by the FBCC in quasi-judicial proceedings.  They will be formally adopted at a future meeting.  Ordinance 2021-40 (FLUM assignment) was voted upon on First Reading.

Ordinance 2021-39 (Quasi judicial)

As part of the amended franchise agreement passed by the City Commission on August 3, 2021, Florida Public Utilities agreed to the annexation of three of its parcels that are contiguous to the City limits.  These are all parcels that contain FPU utilities.

Ordinance 2021-40 (First Reading) Future Land Use Map Assignment for Florida Public Utilities Company Parcels to be annexed into the City

As part of the the amended franchise agreement with Florida Public Utilities, three parcels contiguous to the City will be annexed. FPU has requested a Future Land Use assignment of “Public & Institutional.”

Ordinance 2021-41 (Quasi judicial)

FPU is seeking a voluntary annexation, assignment of City Future Land Use Map category of Public & Institutional, and corresponding zoning districts of PI-1 for parcels described in the ordinance title.

Board Appointments

Arts & Culture Nassau

In accordance with Resolution 2017-24, Arts and Culture Nassau shall be comprised of eleven voting members drawn from a list of seven organizations chosen from a list of the nonprofit arts and culture organizations in Fernandina Beach. Additionally, there shall be two members designated by Nassau County and two City resident at-large members.

Arts and Culture Nassau has five representative organization members whose terms expire December 31, 2021: Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival (1); City resident at-large (1); Friends of the Library (1); and Nassau County (2).

  • The Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival recommended the continued service of their representative, Marsha Joyner.
  • The City Commission recommended the continued service of their representative, Penelope Reid.
  • The Friends of the Library recommended the continued service of their representative, Terri Dean.
  • Nassau County did not submit names for their two representatives.

Code Enforcement & Appeals

The FBCC unanimously supported the appointment of Barb Kent to this board.  While she already serves on the Marina Advisory Board, her appointment to the second board is permissible because the Marina Advisory Board is “ad hoc” committee and the Code Enforcement and Appeals Board is “standing” committee.

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