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December 25, 2021










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Mark Tomes
Mark Tomes
6 months ago

It is not a coincidence that as vaccination rates go down, Covid cases go up. The omicron variant appears to be less severe in younger and middle-age people, but just as severe in older people. With that variant appearing to be 3 to 5 times as contagious, those carrying the virus are giving it to older people and causing an increase in hospitalization, long Covid, and death rates. The responsible thing to do is to get vaccinated, wear masks in public, and keep your distance.

Barnes Moore
Barnes Moore
6 months ago

Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh India with a population of 231 million now has a whopping 266 total active cases with 36 new as of 12/25 with just under 30% fully vaccinated according to the Times of India covid tracker. All of India has reported 6,987 new Covid cases and 162 deaths in 24 hours in a population of 1.4 billion and just 42% fully vaccinated. The govt says India has reported 437 Omicron cases so far. Active caseload stand at 77,516. Uttar Pradesh obliterated Covid back in May when delta cases surged to over 35,000 per day in April by launching a massive campaign to distribute covid kits containing among other things, Ivermectin. Their daily case counts went from over 35,000 to under 300 in less than 2 months. The 266 active cases is more than double what it was a couple of weeks ago, but that doubling does not rise to the level of being trivial in a population that large. This story should be front page news, but it is being suppressed in the MSM. The only places you will find this information is in news sources not bought and paid for by big pharma. Ivermectin works, as does Hydroxychloroquine, and fluvoxomine, and work best when combined with other supplements like vitamin D3, C, Zinc, Quercetin, and melatonin. Just getting your vitamin D levels up above 50ng/ml reduces the risk of getting covid. No preventaive or treatment is 100% effective, but taking these supplements will greatly reduce your risk. If our health agencies were truly interested in our health, they would be promoting this course instead of ignoring it, or in the case of Ivemectin, participating in a smear campaign to discourage it’s use.

John Findlay
John Findlay
6 months ago

Very disappointed that Nassau County lags behind Florida in vaccination rate!

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