City of Fernandina Beach
December 21, 2021


Twenty-Five Years: Craig Williams, Maintenance;Randy Maxwell, Maintenance  Bill Baughn, Fire.  Not pictured  Hank Lee, Police.


Twenty Years:  Scott Mikelson, Parks & Recreation; Kim Elliott-Briley, City Clerk’s Office;  Stephen Minahan, Police;and  Jon Hepler, Police. Not pictured: Freddie Peake, Police;; Chad Lee, Police; Curtis Lee, Maintenance


Fifteen Years:  Tim Brewer, Utilities Trey Rimes, Stormwater.  Not pictures, Joshua Paetsch, Police; Don Kukla, Building .


Ten Years: Danny Young, Police; Lance Phillips, Maintenance;  Bobby Kozakoff, Airport.  Not pictured,  James Tucker, Fire; Lance Phillips, Maintenance.


Five Years:  In no particular order:  Joseph Lancaster, Fire; Christopher Youngman, Fire; Brian Cook, Fire; Dario Alderman, Parks & Recreation; James Branch, Parks & Recreation;  Jarell Mitchell, Police;  Christina Corbitt, Police;  Eric Olsen, Maintenance; Michael Scott, Maintenance; Roger Dittbenner, Parks & Recreation; Edgardo Jara, Utilities; Susan Filipkowski, Stormwater.
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Margo Story
Margo Story (@guest_63440)
9 months ago

Congratulations to all…….jobs well done!!

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