Nassau County Sheriff’s Office
Ashley Spicer, Public Information Officer
December 16, 2021

Within the last several months, NCSO and the Nassau County Narcotics Task Force, which consists of Narcotics Detectives from the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office and the Fernandina Beach Police Department, received several citizen complaints and gathered intelligence from numerous sources in reference to narcotics activity in and around the Yulee Hills and Page Hill areas in Yulee.

During the course of this investigation, narcotics detectives in conjunction with deputies assigned to patrol were able to identify several individuals who actively engage in the sales of illicit narcotics and/or actively work to facilitate the distribution of illicit narcotics.

Several of these individuals were also revealed to be previously convicted felons with a history of violent criminal and/or narcotics violations. Detectives and deputies employed multiple investigative techniques, including undercover operations, in order to infiltrate and gather real-time intelligence from the extensive narcotics distribution network. The months-long investigation resulted in several felony charges against these narcotics distributors. Additionally, the investigation resulted in the seizure of two semi-automatic handguns, numerous knives, over $100,000 in assets (cash and vehicle), over a pound of Methamphetamine, over an ounce of Fentanyl and Heroin, as well as multiple pounds of illicit Marijuana and concentrated THC products.

“Criminal activity will not be tolerated by the law abiding citizens of our county, nor the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office” said Sheriff Bill Leeper. “If you know of anyone selling illegal drugs in our community or is engaging in illegal activity, please let us know.”

Those subject to arrest as a result of Operation Run to the Hills:

1. Allen Lumsden Jr. age 40 from Jacksonville, FL- Trafficking Methamphetamine; Sale of a Controlled Substance; Sale of a Controlled Substance Within 1000 feet of Public Housing; Possession of a Controlled Substance (x2); Possession of a Firearm By a Convicted Felon; Possession of a Concealed Weapon By Convicted Felon; Felony DUI, Felony DWLSR, Aggravated Fleeing/ Eluding; Resist LEO without Violence.

2. Charles “Jason” Clemons age 41 from Yulee, FL- Sale of a Controlled Substance; Possession of a Controlled Substance (x3); Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Possession of <20g Marijuana.

3. Daniel “Fletcher” Lee age 48 from Yulee FL- Sale of Methamphetamine (x2). DECEASED

4. Christopher Bramstedt age 49 from Yulee, FL- Sale of Methamphetamine (x3).

5. Thomas “Tommy” Garcia age 51 from Yulee, FL- Sale of a Controlled Substance (x3).

6. Tessa Wall age 34 from Yulee, FL- DUI; possession of a Controlled Substance(x2); Introduced Contraband into a Jail Facility; Sale of Controlled Substance.

7. Christopher Sinclair age 48 from Yulee, FL – Possession of a Controlled Substance.

8. Jeremiah Evatt age 44 from Yulee, FL- Sale of Fentanyl; Loitering/ Prowling; Resist LEO without Violence.

9. David Porter age 49 from Yulee, FL- Sale of Methamphetamine. WANTED

10. Jeffrey Johnson age 32 from Yulee, FL – Sale of Methamphetamine.

11. Edward Young age 41 from Yulee, FL- Sale of Fentanyl; Petit Theft; Felony DWLSR; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

12. Daniel Lipford age 34 from Yulee, FL- Possession of Methamphetamine; Give False Information to LEO during Felony Investigation; Give False ID to LEO; Absconded Fugitive Sexual Offender from PA.

13. Owen Wiggins age 36 from Fernandina beach, FL- Possession of <20g Marijuana; Operating Motor Vehicle with No Driver’s License; Resist LEO without Violence.

14. Timothy Terrell Jr. age 19 from Yulee, FL- Violation of Probation -Burglary; Carry a Concealed Weapon; Possession of a Weapon by Delinquent.

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Mark Tomes
Mark Tomes
7 months ago

Have you ever known a convicted felon who served his or her time and then was released back into society? The obstacles to regaining even a semi-normal life are almost insurmountable. We continue to punish those who have made mistakes, even after they’ve paid for them. Perhaps some of these people who are mentioned in the article are just nasty characters, and no amount of rehabilitation will work for them, but a great many people turn back to crime because our society will not support them any longer. It is a heartless system.

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