Jennette W. Baker, R.N., B.S.N.
Executive Director
November 17, 2021

Oh happy day as a  student inspects shoes donated by Wal-Mart to the Episcopal Head Start Program at Peck.

Coalition for the Reduction Elimination of Ethnic Disparities in Health (CREED)

I would like to thank Wal-Mart Super Store in Yulee and the community for helping to support CREED’s donation of Shoes for the children at the Episcopal Head Start Program at Peck. We were able to purchase shoes for all of the children attending the program.

There is no way CREED can continue to do what it does without support from the community.

Again, thanks for your support.

Jennett W. Baker, R.N., B.S.N

Executive Director

We are here to serve others.

To donate to CREED’s ongoing work,  please make checks payable to CREED and send to Jennett Baker, 464126 SR 200, Yulee, FL 32097.

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