Photos by Cindy Jackson
September 27, 2021

Editor’s Note:  Today, a massive search for evidence and the suspected killer of Nassau County Deputy Moyers took place near Sandy Ford Road on U S 301.  Fernandina Observer Reporter Cindy Jackson took the following photos in the Callahan area.  Law enforcement officers arrived from various municipalities to assist the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office.  Community support was evident throughout the community as food and water supplies filled Callahan’s command center.

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Nicholas Velvet
Nicholas Velvet
9 months ago

No follow up story on the wrongly identified man who was beaten to a pulp with three broken ribs, etc. when taken into custody thinking he was “The Shooter”.???Hummmm, perhaps this is not deemed news worthy?

I’ll assume “law enforcement immunity”, the dog did it. Glad I was not close to the “wanted man identification”. You can bet that if he was not white it would be blasted all over the air waves. Interesting, all this man power for one individual and still no results. Makes one wonder what will happen if and when a roving gang is involved. Stay tuned.

Sherry Harrell
9 months ago

Nicholas, You have confirmed my thoughts of ‘there’s one in every crowd’.

Thank God for our Sheriff and his Deputies plus law enforcement from several surrounding jurisdictions that are diligently searching for this heinous man that shot Officer Moyer in the face. Did you know that once Moyer fell to the ground, he then shot him in the back? McDowell must be apprehended before he takes a family hostage and kills many more. Anyone that will shoot a cop wouldn’t hesitate to keep killing.

Marylynn Hibdon
Marylynn Hibdon
9 months ago

Why would you choose this time and this tragedy to make this point? Shameful!

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