By Alan Prescott
September 14, 2021

Fernandina Beach Golf Course Club House

Before I give an update on the improvement at the Fernandina Beach Municipal Golf Course, I have a correction concerning Larry Laoretti. In trying to combine the fact that Larry was a Senior PGA Tour member, I miss-stated the fact that he won the 1992 PGA Senior Open. This was pointed out to me the evening before my article was published. I guess that it was difficult to combine two facts, the first was that he was a member of the Senior PGA Tour and the second was that he won the 1992 Senior Open on the Senior PGA Tour. My apologies to the person who brought it to my attention.

Today’s comments are an update on the improvements at the Fernandina Beach Municipal Golf Course. It is nearly impossible to run a golf course without excellent communication from the Golf Course Manager to the Superintendent and then to the golf course personnel. I have seen hundreds of golf courses during my golf career. For, in my tournament player days, I always wanted to visit with those people who were charged with making the golf course playable. For me, beyond speaking with the Superintendent, I went further and spoke and thanked the golf course maintenance staff. Sharing our thoughts, I have always felt that everyone has at least one suggestion to offer to improve the golf course.

It isn’t just the weather that affects your golf course. Whether or not you have noticed, there are two very integral players at the Fernandina Beach Municipal Golf Course. The first is your Golf Course Manager, Mike Cooney. In taking over the golf course responsibilities, Mike has worked both hard and smart to turn around the condition. When Mike came to FBGC, he spent countless hours, and most probably countless sleepless hours at night, to develop the right plan for the golf course. As the saying goes, “Plan your work and then work your plan.” As I plan to make my next trip to your golf course, I am certainly more confident that Mike is the best choice to turn things around to profitability.

Mike has hired a new Golf Course Superintendent. His first name is Blaine and I don’t know his last name nor have a spoken with him. Mike has told me about him and what is happening to improve the golf course. Based on my discussions via phone, Blaine is extremely qualified and is doing a great job!! I can’t wait to meet him in October. With these two dedicated individuals, your course will improve more than it has so far this year.

So, next time you come to the course, please bring a guest or your favorite foursome. When you notice either or both of these individuals, please give them a positive comment that you have noticed during or after your round of golf.

In my next article, and after my personal research on both municipal and resort courses, my discussion will turn to the future of your golf course. Being proactive can fill the coffers on any golf course. Any active dialogue and your input will be helpful.

My name is Alan Prescott and I am here to help. I can be reached at [email protected] Please be healthy and safe.

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John Goshco
John Goshco
4 months ago

Hello Alan.

I am not a golfer, but I wanted to let you know that I have been following your comments for these several months and appreciate your interest in our local golf course. I’m sure that there are many others (actual golfers) who also appreciate your efforts.

Alan Prescott
Alan Prescott
4 months ago
Reply to  John Goshco

Thanks John. Many people don’t understand what a great golf facility exists at Fernandina Beach. With the qualified staff now in place, and, with the support of the Commissioners, it will be far more enjoyable. Thanks again for your support. Alan

Jerry Blair
Jerry Blair
4 months ago

I was told the course is a disaster by folks who played it Saturday

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