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August 28, 2021


Saturday, August 21, 2021, Fernandina Beach Main Street sponsored the Ship Off Parade to send off the Foar From Home boat, Courageous. The parade was a big success thanks to enthusiastic participation and the many well-wishers along the parade route. Photo Credits: Christy Le Lait and Michael Ritter

In December, Foar From Home will cast off from the Canary Islands, Spain, and row unsupported across 3,000 miles of the Atlantic Ocean to Antigua.. Photo Credits: Christy Le Lait and Michael Ritter

Foar From Home is a group of four local veterans, Paul Lore, A.M. “Hupp” Huppman, Billy Cimino, and Cameron Hansen, representing four branches of the Armed Services (Marines/Navy/Army/Air Force). In December, this group will cast off from the Canary Islands, Spain, and row unsupported across 3,000 miles of the Atlantic Ocean to Antigua. The Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge will be the ultimate journey of their lives. Their row aims to raise funds and awareness for their campaign to defeat Veteran Suicide and PTSD.

Paul Lore expressed gratitude on behalf of the group and its cause. “How can you thank a community for coming together with their kindness, thoughtfulness and support of a Hometown Parade?  How can you thank everyone for giving us the opportunity to raise awareness for our mission? Well, that has been the question that we have been struggle with all week.

“So, before we get caught up in life and all-things ocean rowing, we simply want to say thanks to our loving community!!!

“We will never forget the moment, the love, the words spoken, and especially we will never forget all the hugs!?”


Well wishers gather to support Foar From Home. Photo Credits: Christy Le Lait and Michael Ritter


The Foar from Home team has partnered with the Cross the Line Foundation (501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization) in Nassau County, Florida to raise awareness and funds for “Now Veteran Need” programs like “K-9 for Warriors” and “Fire Watch*” that are operating in North Florida and are in need of funding. Their mission is to raise awareness of the PTSD and veteran suicide issues plaguing our nation’s warriors with a stated goal of raising $500,000 for these programs. To date they have raised more than $426,000.

To learn more about this organization and opportunities to donate and participate, visit their website:

Lore reminds us: “It Takes An Island To Cross An Ocean.”

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Frank Quigley
Frank Quigley(@frank-quigley)
1 year ago

Best wishes. Be safe!

Paul Lore
Paul Lore (@guest_62301)
1 year ago

Thanks so much to the Fernandina Observer for all your support and to the support of a beautiful community.

Dave Lott
Dave Lott (@guest_62308)
1 year ago

Wishing the Foar from Home team fair winds and following seas.

Perry Anthony
Perry Anthony (@guest_62319)
1 year ago

You can usually see the boat they plan to take on the trip at Marlin & Barrel Distillery on North 8th Street, the old Dream Cars Museum here in Fernandina Beach.

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