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July 26, 2021

Fernandina Beach Police Chief Mark Foxworth

Fernandina Beach Police Chief Mark Foxworth appeared before the Fernandina Beach City Commission on July 20, 2021 to introduce the City’s new Deputy Chief and to explain the work of the FBPD’s Command Staff.

Jeff Tambasco, who reported for duty as Deputy Chief on July 19, 2021, has more than 25 years of police service.  He retired from Kissimmee’s Police Department, where he held the position of Captain, in which he managed patrols and investigations.  He then worked for Emergency Management Services in DeSoto County. He has received numerous commendations and awards.  Foxworth said that he and Tambasco will lead the daily operations of the FBPD, focusing on community engagement and community contacts.

Foxworth introduced the captains who head each of the three bureaus within the FBPD:

(l-r): Captain Jim Norman, Captain David Bishop, Captain Fred Peake, Deputy Chief Jeff Tambasco

Captain David Bishop manages the Patrol Bureau, the largest component of the Department. His responsibilities include patrol, traffic, Beach Rangers, police service aides and all special events.  He began working with the City in 1985, and joined the Police Force in 1990.

Captain Jim Norman manages the Service Bureau, which Foxworth described as the smallest but most complex of the Bureaus.  Norman is responsible for the FBPD’s accreditation, all Police Department records, vehicle and building maintenance, information technology, body cameras and in car cameras, computers, and “everything that doesn’t fall under anybody else.”  Norman has served with the FBPD since 1992.

Captain Fred Peake manages the Investigation Bureau, including the detectives that follow up on criminal cases and those assigned to the County’s Drug Task Force, processing and storing evidence, and the School Resource Officers.  He will also soon add a mental health professional provided by Starting Point who will partner with a police officer to deal with adult mental health issues, first targeting the chronic homeless population.  Peake has been in law enforcement for 25 years, 20 of which have been with the FBPD.

Foxworth said, “We are excited about the directions we are going in; we’re excited about some of the positive contacts we’ve been having with the community.”

Deputy Chief Jeff Tambasco

At Foxworth’s invitation Deputy Chief Tambasco addressed the FBCC.  “I am honored and humbled to be a part of the City’s leadership team.  My wife Candace and I are looking forward to establishing roots in the community and becoming active members in such a wonderful community.  We are looking forward to a lot of years to come.”

Mayor Mike Lednovich thanked all the members of the FBPD Management Team.  He allowed that while having lunch recently, he was approached by two residents whom he did not know who told him, “We love our Police Department.”  Lednovich said that comment “gave me a big smile.”

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