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Office of the Nassau County Manager
June 14, 2021

In January 2021, the Board of County Commissioners adopted the Conservation Land Acquisition and Management (CLAM) program which will guide the County in identifying, ranking and assessing conservation lands for acquisition and management. The acquisition of conservation land requires specific skills and oversight not typical to the usual volunteer committee so the County solicited applications for volunteers to serve on the CLAM Comittee with experience in the following areas:

  • Natural resource management and biology
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Community planning
  • Environmental engineering or civil engineering where their work has been in stormwater or green infrastructure projects; or
  • Environmental regulations, land use law, or commercial real estate that has dealt in vacant, rural lands

Solicitation for members was open from February 19 through March 26. The County received 14 applications meeting the minimum skills, expertise and demonstratable experience that relate to the acquisition of conservation lands.

On May 24, 2021, the Board appointed five (5) CLAM Committee Members as follows: • Brandy Carvalho (Term 2021-2025) • Bill Korn (Term 2021-2025) • Bill Watson (Term 2021-2025) • Chris Hill (Term 2021-2023) • Leonard Wood (Term 2021-2023)

We appreciate their willingness to serve and look forward to working with each member. The first meeting of the CLAM Committee will be held in July (date to be announced).

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