Fernandina Beach Fire/Rescue
Press Release
Ty Silcox, Fire Chief
June 13, 2021

At approximately 2:26 PM on June 13th, 2021, Fernandina Beach Fire Department: Division of Ocean Rescue personnel were alerted to the report of an alleged shark bite incident at 2002 S Fletcher Ave/Beach Access #20/Seaside Park. Lifeguards responded and found a thirteen-year-old female with minor lacerations on her right foot and ankle. Fernandina Beach Fire Department personnel were dispatched at 2:28 PM and were on scene within two minutes where Lifeguards had been providing medical treatment to the female bather until rescue arrived.

Lifeguards closed the immediate waters to swimmers after notification of the incident. All precautions have been taken to alert beachgoers of the dangers in the water, and Lifeguard Zone Supervisors are continuing to monitor beaches for any presence of dangerous marine life. Double-red flags were lowered after two hours at the location of the incident, and water is now open to the public.

The patient is reportedly stable, with non-life-threatening injuries. The patient could not advise what type or size of marine life had caused her injuries.

The Division of Ocean Rescue encourages beach goers while swimming in the ocean not to wear shiny jewelry because the reflected light looks like shining fish scales, and to avoid areas near sandbars or steep drop-offs, which are where sharks tend to congregate.

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