Nassau County Emergency Management
April 21, 2021


“Do not relax your infection control measures.”

The graph shows COVID-19 positivity rates increasing in Nassau County.

Nassau County is now following the upward trend in new CoViD-19 cases we have been seeing across Florida and the rest of the country.

Please take this seriously – it isn’t going away yet and the new variants we are seeing in Nassau are even more virulent than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus (also still circulating). Do not relax your infection control measures.

Since availability is no longer limited, everyone age 16 and over now has access to the free CoViD-19 vaccine. Take advantage of that!

Nassau County’s seniors led the state in CoViD-19 vaccination rates; however, we are lagging far behind in vaccinations among residents under 55 years of age. And the new cases we are seeing in Nassau reflect that fact – a n increase in unvaccinated young-adult cases; very few new cases over age 55.

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