Florida Department of Health
April 8, 2021

Nassau County Emergency Management:

The number of new CoViD-19 cases throughout the United States has increased for the last three weeks in a row. There are no movement restrictions within the USA, even unvaccinated people are now traveling freely. Travelers may easily be exposed to different variants of SARS-CoV-2 virus in other areas and are not always quarantining themselves when they return. Stay vigilant. Act like you have germs that you don’t want others to catch. Your actions in public matter to our public health! Practice healthy habits – make them permanent habits – to protect yourself and your community:
🖐 Wash your hands with soap and water and keep them away from your face.
🚫 Avoid crowds and poorly ventilated spaces.
↔ Stay at least SIX feet from non-household members – even at work.
😷 Wear a mask that fits snugly over your nose and mouth if you can’t maintain distance.
✅ Get vaccinated now – everyone over age 16 is eligible for CoViD-19 vaccination. Go to www.OneNassau.com to find out where you can get your free shot.

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