Rayonier Advanced Materials
Press Release
January 21, 2021

(Fernandina Beach, FL – Thursday, January 21, 2021) Rayonier Advanced Materials’ (RYAM) today announced its Fernandina Plant—a fixture of the Nassau County community since 1937—has produced 10 million tons of high purity cellulose. The local plant, which produced pulp and paper during the Great Depression and rayon tire cord during World War II, today manufactures a highly-refined performance fiber that can be found in LCD screens, pharmaceuticals, automotive filters and countless essential products.

Pictured: Left to Right: Willie Jones – 47 years; Mike Crummey – 43 years; Glynn Mitchell – 49 years; Herbert Mitchell – 47 years; Carl Sweat – 45 years; Rick Langford – 45 years; Terry Mott – 45 years; Bobby Deloach – 45 years; Keith Nelsen – 44 years; Jack Sparkman – 43 years; Ed Cook – 44 years



“10 million tons is a major milestone,” said Mark Homans, the Fernandina Plant’s General Manager. “And countless stories underpin that statistic: Four generations of workers, vendors, customers and community partners made this achievement possible. We’re proud to be an integral part of our local economy and to call Nassau County ‘home.'”

Rayonier Advanced Materials’ 10 millionth ton rolled off the line on January 10th, 2021. The milestone was marked by the plant’s longest-serving employees—some of whom have worked at the facility since the 1970s [photo attached].

“Our 10 millionth ton is a reminder that our community, economy and environment are all connected,” said Paul Boynton, the company’s President and CEO. “Our products are part of countless daily routines, from eating breakfast and taking medicine to answering the cell phone and driving the car. Ordinary products require extraordinary manufacturing—and that’s what we’re celebrating: The combined efforts of thousands of employees, vendors, customers and community partners who made it possible; thank you to the entire RYAM “network” for making this happen!”

The operations of Rayonier Advanced Materials’ Fernandina Plant supports 300 employees, 1,229 local jobs and over 250,000 acres of rural forests. 95 percent of the plant’s total fuel comes from renewable resources, 98 percent of its electricity is self-generated and its total economic contribution to the region is $185 million. The plant’s high purity cellulose makes essential products possible, including: LCD screens and films, filters, construction materials, sponges, and shampoos.

Media Inquiries: Ryan Houck

Telephone: 904-357-9134

E-mail: [email protected]

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Byron F Pikula
Byron F Pikula
1 year ago

Congratulations to one of the best corporate citizens of Fernandina.

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