By Cindy Jackson
December 21, 2020

Each month, under the auspices of creating and ensuring transparency in budgetary matters and departmental accountability, County Commissioners learn more about what is going on countywide – be it related to library resources, animal control, ditch digging, road paving or any number of other activities from each department director. These presentations also help to build relationships between department heads and commissioners.

This month, the BOCC heard from Doug Podiak, Director of Public Works, Robert Companion, County Engineer and Cameron Hansen, Director of Road Maintenance.

During their respective presentations, a common graphic appeared . . . a circle depicting projects being on time and under budget.

Pictured: Doug Podiak, Director of Public Works, Robert Companion, County Engineer, and Cameron Hansen, Director of Road Maintenance.

Podiak, Companion and Hansen all attributed those achievements to the County now having more in-house degreed and certified professionals. What formerly would require contracts with outside vendors and engineers, etc., is now achieved in-house.

The paving of Dyal Road to connect CR 115 to US 1, the widening and resurfacing of CR 115, improvements at Burney Park and the Goffinsville Park lighting project are just a few examples of significant cost savings realized as a result of the change in philosophy and practice.

Another cost saving initiative is the purchase of a piece of equipment that can effectively “level” an uneven sidewalk which more effectively enables the County to be in compliance with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements. As a result of the purchase of this one piece of equipment, the County now responds faster than ever before to complaints received about the hazards of uneven sidewalks. What may be hard to believe is the fact that Nassau County has 2.3 million feet of sidewalk.

Leveling sidewalks and striping roads are just a few of the routine maintenance jobs that the County can now respond faster and more effectively than ever before.

Said Taco Pope, County Manager, referring to the incredible accomplishments of the triumvirate that is Campanion, Podiak and Hansen said, “these days, it’s beyond manageable, it is now proactive.”

Prior to COVID descending upon the nation, outstanding job orders, which routinely numbered over 500 went to under 100 under new leadership. The expediency in response and the number satisfied customers improved almost astronomically. And, it took just two years.

Next up is a Citizen Portal.

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Tom Smith
Tom Smith
1 year ago

Almost seems like a breath of fresh air. Something our city Manager should take note of. Transparency would be a novel idea. Planning ahead – marina, golf course contracts, capital projects, Beach walkovers and cleanup were terribly mismanaged. Maybe Mr. Martin should take note and revisit the priorities of the residences of the City, or look for another job.

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