Cindy Jackson
December 19, 2020

December 16, 2020, witnessed a very long meeting of the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). In-person perfect attendance was achieved, despite the ever-present threat of the COVID pandemic. New commissioners, John Martin (District 1), Jeff Gray (District 3) and Klynt Farmer (District 5) appear to have settled into their jobs quite nicely, joining Commission Chair Thomas Ford and Co-Chair Aaron Bell.

First up was a presentation of a plaque and resolution honoring Vicki Cannon, Supervisor of Elections, itself an elected position. Ms. Cannon has served Nassau County for five terms since 2001. Her last day will be January 4, 2021.

After kudos were given from Commissioners to Ms. Cannon and from Ms. Cannon back to the Commissioners and other staff, Taco Pope, County Manager, moved into recognizing other employees for their dedicated years of service.

It was a perfect segue from Cannon to other public servants when Pope said, “our most valuable asset is our employees.” That recognition, as Pope explained, begins with twenty years and from that point forward, happens in five-year increments.

Unfortunately, however, and as a result of COVID precautions and the fact that no live meetings were held, employees had not been publicly recognized from April through September. As a result, the list got quite long.

Saluted on December 16th, 2020 were (with their departments and years of service noted) the following:

Rob Widdows – 20 years in September
Michael Combs – 20 years in September
Jeff Dodd – 20 years in September
Jamie Deonas – 25 years in September
James Casteel-25 years in December
John Laine – 20 years in October
David Lee – 20 years in October
Bradley Pierson – 20 years in October
Adam Salzburg – 20 years in October
Brian Sloan – 20 years in October
Scott Hemmingway – 25 years in October

Wade Harris- 35 years in December
Scott Lear – 20 years in December

The County currently has 371 employees.

The latest job opening advertised is for an Assistant Director for the Office of Management and Budget.

Two longstanding openings – for Assistant County Manager and Assistant County Attorney have not been filled although the job for Assistant County Manager is at the final stage of interviewing applicants. Recruiting for the Assistant County Attorney will resume after the first of the year.

If interested in joining the County team, job postings are available on the County website at

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