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Douglas Adkins
Douglas Adkins
1 year ago

We are so thankful that these vaccines have arrived. It will be Americans who once again “end this tyranny” that has been wrought upon our nation by this deadly pathogen. So many healthcare workers on the frontlines are once again responding to the national call to lead the way past “vaccine hesitancy” and be the tip on the speak that ends this pandemic and the devastation it has brought in so many ways. We have a special gift for those frontline workers who are vaccinated and safe, we are reminded of those brave young Americans from another generation who loaded up into rickety wooded landing craft and at 5am in the morning heeded a nation’s call to open a beach head that would allow 1 million Americans to flow through to crush another tyrannical plague called the Third Reich, the American name given that morning was Omaha Beach. Freedom requires sacrifice and setting aside your own interests for those of the larger national interest. I am so proud of the many frontline workers who are stepping up to be vaccinated, this is a moment history will not soon forget as we move to crush this virus and end the choke hold it has had on our freedom as a nation.

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