By Karen Thompson
Features Reporter
November 23, 2020

On Display at Story & Song

Barbara Lamp-Peeples

If I were to describe Barbara Lamp-Peeples’ artwork I would call it uniquely intricate. Through her needlework, on display for the first time at Story & Song through January, this fiber artist is passionate about and has an eye for color, texture and sparkle.

A former nurse, specializing in women’s health, Barbara’s first projects were samplers designed for family and friends. Over time her work has evolved and become more refined. She uses an assortment of stitches, threads, paint, sequins and other embellishments to create her multi-media pieces.

“Anthropologists found needles in caves” said Peeples. “The needle gave modern humans the edge over the Neanderthal peoples. Our ancestors could not have imagined that the simplest, most basic tool in human history would still hold a utilitarian place in society.”

Barbara says she spends hours in stores searching for just the right materials to create her art. She has an intensely personal, imaginary style featuring floral and nature themes, Art Nouveau and Asian influences.

Barbara Lamp-Peeples’  “uniquely intricate” artwork.

Sometimes Peeples collaborates with her artist cousin Laura Brooks using Zentangle technique, an ancient art.
My work is a “piece of my spirit,” she said. Even the framing and presentation of each piece showcases the talent, time, love and imagination that Peeples dedicates to her work.

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Jan Clampffer
Jan Clampffer
1 year ago

I have watched Barbara’s talent evolve over the years to an exceptional level. Her many works of art grace my home and always gather praise and complements. I am so glad Lamp-Peeples is getting the recognition she so greatly deserves. I hope there is a follow up article showing more of her exquisite works. Her artwork on display should not be missed at Story and Song.

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