Nassau County Emergency Management
October 17, 2020

Each action you take to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses (e.g., influenza viruses, respiratory syncytial viruses, parainfluenza viruses, metapneumoviruses, rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, adenoviruses, and bocaviruses) is another layer of protection for both you and those around you.

P.S.  This image should not be construed to imply that layers of swiss cheese should be worn as personal protective equipment.

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Ben Martin
1 year ago

Respiratory Illnesses have always been part of life. What is new is all the social controls. Wearing a mask to keep out a virus is like using chicken wire to keep out mosquitoes. The size of a virion is small. The pore size of masks is large. We need regular exposure to viruses and bacteria to keep our immune system strong. What we don’t need is to concentrate pathogens in our breathing environment or to restrict our fresh air via a mask. Doing so would seem to increase one’s vulnerability to sickness.

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