Nassau County Insider
October 6, 2020

It looks like we are off to a great start! Above are photos from the first day and it appears that several dozen cans were brought in for disposal. Thank you to the residents who are using this opportunity to dispose of paint properly and safely.

As mentioned previously, we will be working with Keep Nassau Beautiful to provide an informational video on how you can dispose of it at home. Stay tuned!


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Ruthellen Mulberg
Ruthellen Mulberg
1 year ago


Could someone please advise as to the exact addresses of the Nassau County yards now accepting this hazardous waste? The original articles didn’t mention it either; referred to as “Bailey Rd.” location and the like. But some of us are not familiar with exactly where these sites are.

Thank you.

Sabrina Robertson
Sabrina Robertson
1 year ago

The original article (link included above) gives the address of the convenience recycling center located at 46026 Landfill Rd, Callahan.

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