Florida Humanities Council
Keith Simmons
Communications Director
October 3, 2020

Join Florida Humanities (virtually) for this
special program on October 15 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm!

Florida Secretary of State and Chief Elections Officer Laurel M. Lee.

Florida is the nation’s largest swing state where elections are often decided by razor thin margins. Already, local elections officials have begun sending vote-by-mail ballots to voters who have requested those, and with early voting sites opening mid-October, Florida voters are preparing to have their voices heard as the 2020 Presidential Election gets underway.

Florida Secretary of State and Chief Elections Officer Laurel M. Lee joins Florida Talks: At Home! to discuss the importance of civic engagement and why being a savvy consumer of information matters more now than ever. Secretary Lee will also talk about the unprecedented planning and preparation that has gone into protecting voters and their votes and the factors that make this election year unique.

Link to Register: https://floridahumanities.clickmeeting.com/248322661/register?bblinkid=243702641&bbemailid=24722401&bbejrid=1668158622


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