From The County Insider
Office of the Nassau County Manager
September 29, 2020

Below is a schedule of local COVID-19 testing sites for the month of October. This includes free, drive through sites, as well as private testing providers. If any additional sites are announced, we will notify the public right away.

If you have any questions, please contact the Nassau County Health Department at (904) 875-6100.

-Sabrina Robertson
County Manager’s Office


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Ben Martin
Ben Martin
1 year ago

No test is actually “free.” It is paid for by tax dollars – no? Does the tax payer really want to enrich certain factions of the medical community in these days of economic collapse? The virus that has a a 99.98% recovery rate. Most people will have either no symptoms or very mild symptoms reportedly. I have met lots of people who think they already had it last winter and they never went to the Doctor. Perhaps all this hysteria will lead to a Great Awakening where folks start to pay attention to who funds their political representatives. Big Pharma and Big Banking fund both sides of the political fence.

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