From the County Insider
Office of the Nassau County Manager
September 29, 2020

Last week, Nassau County Animal Services (NCAS) announced that a female dog and her 11 puppies were found locked in a cage and abandoned in the woods in Callahan. We wanted to take a moment to thank the nice resident who located these pups and took the time to bring them to the shelter.



Fortunately, all the dogs were found to be in overall good condition. Upon sharing their photos and asking the public for help with puppy food, dozens of residents made generous donations to the shelter. A big thank you to all those individuals as well! We are fortunate to live in such a caring and giving community.

The puppies all have been adopted. However, the mother dog, Mary, is still available for adoption. She is estimated to be about 2 years old and weighs 35 pounds. NCAS staff said she is very gentle and kind and is already house broken. To learn more about Mary, please visit the Shelter’s website.

***Updated September 30, 2020, per Nassau County PIO Sabrina Robertson.  The dogs are a mixed breed, not rare, as originally reported.

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Sabrina Robertson
Sabrina Robertson
1 year ago

Hi Suzanne,

The puppies are really just a mixed breed. The language about them being “rare, arctic penguin hounds” was copied from an original post written by a volunteer at the shelter and referenced a conclusion by “Dr. Fib”. I amended the story last night because it was causing confusion to those that didn’t see the original story.

Sabrina Robertson
Sabrina Robertson
1 year ago

Sorry Suanne… spell check changed it to Suzanne

Sherry Harrell
1 year ago

What a cruel, heartless person to put a mother dog and her 11 puppies in a locked cage and leave all of them in the woods, to starve to death. God has a special place in Hell for people like that.

Many blessings to all that donated food, money and offered to adopt a puppy!!!

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