County Attorney Mike Mullin

By Cindy Jackson
September 18, 2020

It was a virtual love fest in the Nassau County Commission Chambers on Wednesday, September 16, 2020, when Michael Mullin was “stepping down” as County Manager. Many of the constitutional officers were present to sing the praises of Mr. Mullin’s tenure in the dual role of County Attorney and County Manager.

Clerk of the Court, John Crawford was first to the podium and said, “It’s a new day that has happened over the past several years. Mike, you have done a tremendous job . . . the future has never looked brighter than it does right now.”


Vicki Cannon, Supervisor of Elections, in addition to thanking him, noted that Mr. Mullin is “one of the brightest attorneys in the State.”



Property Appraiser, A. Michael Hickox, said, “Nobody works harder. Mullin is here every morning at 7am. Thank you for your hard work and thank you for your leadership.”


John Drew, Tax Collector added a little levity to the situation when he began his comments with “I thought I would save all the good things for the eulogy . . . but it has been a pleasure. We are in a better place now. . . You did a great job.” As it turns out, as Drew explained, he once worked for Mullin as a file clerk when he was just 15 years old.

County Attorney Michael Mullin then went on to recognize and praise of all the department heads that have helped him during his tenure as County Manager and said, point blank, referring to those individuals, “This is what makes Nassau County work,” after which he led attendees in a round of applause.

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1 year ago

About time. He is very good at both jobs, but it sends a very bad message. Our government should take all steps it can to avoid ‘good old boy’ political appearance.

‘The Swamp’ isn’t restricted to just DC……

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