July 14, 2020

Lions in the Water – Available Now

Off Amelia’s shores, Jed Salvador and his troubled crew labor aboard a sea-torn fishing trawler. Days are hot, nights are restless, and nets are empty. But on the final turn, everything changes. Valuables spill to the deck. Lost for centuries. An adventure from the Caribbean to the Cape unfolds—where peculiar relics abandoned centuries ago may provide the only link to an astonishing, unfinished tale. Will Jed and his hardworking shipmates decipher the puzzling clues in time? Or will a greedy psychopath throw them one by one into a watery grave?

Lions in the Water by Jack J. Wyatt is an irresistible, gripping thriller set along Amelia and Cumberland Islands. Perfect for those who adore historical fiction, the novel serves readers a feast of extraordinary facts and unusual events that have shaped these shores—long before colonialists began poking flags into her sands.

Meet the author Saturday, August 15th at The Book Loft

214 Centre St on Florida’s Amelia Island

Wyatt grew up in a small coastal town near Santa Barbara but has spent most of his life on the east coast. Although an engineer and technology executive by trade, his lifelong ambition is storytelling.

A few years ago, he and his wife Marjanna made Fernandina their home on a whim. After adopting two affectionate puppies, both suddenly realized they’d never vacation without them. “I remember saying ‘We better move someplace warm, quick!’ Our home went onto the market and we never looked back.” Amelia’s cool and quirky surroundings also gave him the spark he needed to complete his first novel.

Jack’s favorite authors include Clive Cussler, Harlan Coben, and David Baldacci. He’s currently working on the second book in this three-book series, and a science-fiction project he aims to publish next year.

Reviews for Lions in the Water:

“I read this in literally one day. Impossible to put down … Genuinely one of the best books I’ve read in a decade. So many amazing twists and turns kept my face glued to the book.”

“Great novel from start to finish! I was drawn in from the beginning — the story has suspense, drama, history, and even a little romance. I really loved the characters and all the details in the book made the story unforgettable…”

“I love adventure stories that have to do with the ocean, and this is definitely one of the best I’ve read in a long time. I was really drawn to the characters and the story. The writing is fantastic, believable, and edge-of-the-seat!”

Lions in the Water weaves a smart blend of historical accounts with curious figures, portrayed in a witty and fast-paced style. Wicked and cut-throat, with a thrilling climax that will have readers clinging to the rail.

Published by Unrest Adventures and available wherever awesome books are sold:

378 pages

Action-Adventure / Historical Fiction

Paperback: 978-1734108316

Hardback: 978-1734108309

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