Nassau County Insider
May 7, 2020

Barricades in place to prevent beach driving but now Nassau County Commissioners considering resuming beach driving.

County beaches were reopened on Friday, May 1, 2020, for most normal activities. Social distancing is still being recommended by the Center for Disease Control so in an effort to prevent overcrowding, beach driving has been temporarily delayed.

County Officials met on site today with the Sheriff and members of his department to discuss a plan to reintroduce cars to Peters Point and American Beach. The plan includes designated driving lines for safety of beach users and designated parking areas to maintain social distancing.

The initial plan also includes keeping parking areas open for everyone to utilize, but to limit on-beach parking to Nassau County residents only. This would require attendees to be present at each access point to check identification to ensure those driving onto the beach are Nassau County residents.

The scheduled time for beach use would remain 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. each day as previously set. This would include the use of the beach, walkovers and parking lot areas.

Please note these are initial plans and that no decision has been made yet by the Board of County Commissioners. The County Manager hopes to have the plan finalized for Board consideration on Wednesday, May 13th.

So far, it appears that everyone has been adhering to the CDC guidelines and maintaining social distancing. Great job everyone! The Board appreciates everyone’s patience thus far.

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paula clarkson
paula clarkson(@paulaclarkson)
2 years ago

Has no one been to the beach and seen and felt the serenity of no cars since the “no cars” current order? Are our Commissioners blind to this fact? Not observation , but fact? So, let me get this straight, the beach will now hold less space for people in order to hold space for cars. The county will hire people to moderate 6 AM to 9 PM county registered cars to pass on to the beach. What a colossal waste of resources!! So disappointed.

Tim Doratio
Tim Doratio (@guest_57598)
2 years ago
Reply to  paula clarkson

We love that driving on the beach is allowed. It is fun. It makes beach going easy and more enjoyable. If you do not like being at a beach with vehicles, there are many access points where driving is not allowed. You can still get what you like without taking away from what others like.

Nicholas Velvet
Nicholas Velvet (@guest_57600)
2 years ago
Reply to  Tim Doratio

One of the most contributing factors to death by C-19 Gents per the CDC is…… obesity. What an absolutely novel concept…..walking to the beach and carying whatever junk you deem necessary!!!!. If someone can’t walk and needs to be driven to the beach to enjoy the ocean it’s called a handicapped sticker. In ten years of walking these beaches and walking right past “beach parking” I have never seen a vehicle with a handicapped sticker hanging from it’s rearview mirror. What really was “enjoyable” in the 8 week lockdown was having the beaches empty of The Mindless.

Tim Doratio
Tim Doratio (@guest_57602)
2 years ago

This isn’t about who can go to the beach. This is about others trying to impose their will on others! Walk the vast stretches of beach where there are no cars then! You also must not understand how handicapped stickers work either. How was the beach so enjoyable during the 8 week lock down anyway? Are you one of the “mindless” ignoring the lock down rules?

Nicholas Velvet
Nicholas Velvet (@guest_57605)
2 years ago
Reply to  Tim Doratio

Sir, you perhaps could read the others posts last week justifying Sadler Road beach “parking” claiming “access for all” implying that beach parking was/is needed to accommodate handicapped individuals. If you do not think this “pandemic lockdown” was not imposing Gobernment will on others(including you) for the “greater good” based on zero facts~~~(43% of ALL C-19 deaths were per CDC from “assisted living facilities not walking a beach) or as one Einstein declaimed “C-19 is in the ocean” then you are one fine genetic example of dumb.

Tim Doratio
Tim Doratio (@guest_57614)
2 years ago

I’ve not read other posts, just this newsfeed. I never claimed anything about handicapped Beach access. You did. I just pointed out that you must not understand how the handicap tags work since you said you’ve never seen one on the beach. I am surprised you even look at every car for one. I disagreed with the lock down procedures including closing the beaches, however am not going to put blame on politicians over an emergency. I have not made any outrageous claims. You have, along with the others you just quoted. I understand safety just fine. What I do not like is people imposing their will over simple wants. Driving on the beach has no bearing on the good or bad of the public safety and no bearing on you. It is none of your business if an obese person or a fit person wants to park on the sand. If you do not like it, go somewhere else as I said.

William Tucker
William Tucker(@islanders70)
2 years ago

We are talking less than a half mile of driving access for people like me that choose to drive to the beach and park. There is plenty of beach for all of us to share. This is easy access to differently abled folks and I applaude the commission for working to reopen these small areas as we return safely to normalcy.

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